Onething Project Application Date__________________
Name__________________________________ DOB______________ Gender: M / F

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Address____________________________ City,ST,Zip__________________________

Parents: Please sign below, affirming your child’s request to join the AHOP Onething Project, and giving permission for him/her to attend the Onething conference under the care of AHOP staff.

I Authorize Ron and Mary Burleson to seek medical care for my child, should the need arise. I will not hold AHOP or volunteers liable in any way for any accident that may occur while my child is under their care.

Parent or Guardian Name________________________________

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Program Cost is $168, due Nov. 15, 2012

❑ We cannot afford the fee, and would like to apply for a scholarship.

 Instructions: Please print this application, complete it with your parent's approval and signature, and return to Mary Burleson with payment by November 15.