On November 9, 2020, we gathered with other believers for a time of prayer for the president, our elections and our nation. During that prayer meeting, I felt the Lord moving on my heart to gather for prayer every day during this season. 

So we asked a few people, and got a consensus that we should continue. From that day, we've been gathering every weekday at the Prayer Room in Huntsville. The times are below if you'd like to join us. We will continue at least until Inauguration Day.

I've also been hearing about many other small prayer meetings popping up in homes and churches. There is a sense of urgency on the Bride of Christ, to press into her Lord, to hear His voice, and grow into maturity. 

Many of us are concerned about the path of our nation. We are crying out and asking God to intervene in our government, and to establish us as a nation that fears the Lord, supports the unborn and is a friend to Israel. 

However, I believe that regardless of what happens to America, the Lord will use this time to draw His Bride ever nearer to Himself. We are likely facing a time of great shaking, where our trust in false gods will be exposed. 

Yes, we will stand strong in the place of prayer and petition our Lord for a Godly government of righteousness and justice. And in this time of extended prayer and fasting, the Lord Jesus will do something even more amazing: He will teach us government. He will show us how to rule and reign with Him in heavenly places.

These are tools we're going to need in the future, and it starts now. 

Prayer Times - Until Inauguration

Monday: 4:00pm

Tuesday: Psalm 149 Praise: 4-6pm

Wednesday: 4:00pm

Thursday: 3:00pm

Friday: 5:00pm