In June, 2010, my Dad and I began holding worship and prayer at the skating rink on Tuesdays. Soon after, my brothers and Mom got involved with the worship team and leading prayer, and within a few months, the Lord had brought a few others. We didn’t have the language at the time to call it a house of prayer, but we knew that Jesus liked what was happening and wanted us to keep going.

After I went to IHOP-KC in 2011 and got more language to explain what was happening, we decided to name the ministry AHOP (A House of Prayer) Madison County.

Over the years we’ve had several local prayer events: on the square, 12-24 hour burns, internships, worship schools, etc. But the primary mandate has always been to keep a sanctuary of prayer and worship where Jesus can encounter His people, and lead us in intercession for our region, Israel and the church. At times, we’ve had several people involved, but usually it’s only a faithful few who continue to gather for corporate worship.

Thank You Jesus for 10 years. You are worthy of continuous Praise. Please continue to breath Life on AHOP Madison County for many more years.

In June, 2020, we will celebrate 10 years of God's faithfulness with a Burn: an extended time of corporate worship and prayer.

Contact Us if you'd like to be involved.